User guide 

Welcome to the knowledge sharing platform Altong!
Altong is an unprecedented, highly innovative knowledge platform that shares its profits based on intellectual activity. So it is recommended that you be sure to familiarize yourself with the following information before using the service. You will be able to use it better when you have the basic knowledge of the usage method, revenue sharing principle and glossary. (This user guide was last updated on May 27, 2021.)


Altong is a knowledge sharing platform developed and operated by Altong Inc. and made better by users(members). Unlike other similar services in the past, Altong is an innovative service that starts with the basic idea of sharing profits with users and provides reasonable financial rewards in the form of 'Al' to users who post questions or answers.

Revenue sharing principle

All revenue from Altong comes from the ad that appears before the answer is viewed. If a user who wants to view an answer presses Open, the entire answer can be viewed after an ad is displayed. And 1,000 Al paid for the ad by the advertiser is divided by a certain percentage among the questioner, the answerer, the answer evaluator, the referrers, Altong Inc., etc.
The revenue distribution ratio is as follows.

1,000 Al of the ad cost is distributed to,
questioner: 100 Al
answerer: 500 Al
answer evaluator: 30 Al
questioner's referrer: 10 Al
answerer's referrer: 50 Al
Donation: 10 Al
Altong Inc.: 300 Al

In short, it can be said that the revenue generated from the ad is divided by the ratio of 7:3 between the user and Altong Inc.

※ Currently, the ratio is set as above, but it may be adjusted if a significant imbalance in member revenue is found or there is a change in advertising cost.


Sign up

* The service of Altong involves a financial process, so only the person who has verified his or her identity can be a member.
* Before signing up as a member please read Terms of Use and agree to it, and then click 'Next' at the bottom to proceed to the signup page.
* When signing up, you are required to enter the referral code. (If you sign up through the URL containing the referrer's code, the referral code will appear automatically entered.) The referral code can be changed in 6 months if the requirements are met.
* Be sure to enter the referral code unless there is none.
* After entering your mobile phone number, click 'Send verification number' to receive the verification number to your mobile phone. After completing verification, enter the required information in the fields and complete membership registration.
* Newly registered members will be given 10,000 Al for question posts. When your Al is exhausted, you cannot post a question and can only post answers.

Referral system

Altong is a platform that users fill with their knowledge and information, so if the number of users is small, it will be difficult to provide rich knowledge and information. For this reason, Altong introduces a referral system to provide special benefits to those who contributes to the new membership of Altong.
1. Referrer
* A referrer means a member who introduced Altong to a non-member(referee) and led him or her to join.
* The referral system is designed to help more people earn more profits through Altong.
* If a non-member (recommendee) joins Altong, 100,000 pills will be accumulated for the referrer.
(※ If the referral code is not registered, you will not be able to earn Al, so please make sure to register the referral code when signing up.)
* 10% of the revenue (Question revenue and Answer revenue) of the new member whose referrer is you goes to you. So the more people become members through you, the higher your revenue gets.
* When you sign up through the URL sent by the referrer that contains his or her unique code, the referrer is automatically entered by the referral code.
* After 6 months of sign-up, if your level is the same or higher than the referrer’s level, the referral code can be changed.
* You can check your unique code on Referral page on the sliding menu on the left.

The concepts of Al, stamp, Al exchange gauge and information on Al exchange and cash withdrawal

* Al is a currency unit used in Altong, and 10 Al is worth KRW 1.
* One Al exchange gauge is filled once a week if the minimum activity requirements are met.When all four gauges are filled, you can apply for Al exchange..
* If the level is Butterfly Angel or above and the balance is 300,000 Al or more you can apply for the first Al exchange. To maintain intellectual activity you should keep Al equivalent to 10% of the maximum exchangeable amount as the minimum balance.
* Cash withdrawal can be applied for after going through the Al exchange process so that it can be used through our simple payment service Alpay. The money that has gone through the exchange process can be used just like cash by using Alpay in the offline affiliated stores called Almaengi, the nickname of the affiliated stores.
* In the Al exchange process, the fee of 2.5% that is charged when paying at Almaengi, the Alpay member store is deducted in advance. (The deducted fee is used to alleviate small business owners' burden of payment fees and to expand the base of Alpay member stores.)
* When applying for withdrawing the balance of Alpay in cash you will receive the amount after the income tax and residence tax of 3.3%, and withdrawal fee of 0.2%, a total of 3.5% is deducted from the application amount.
* The minimum unit for applying for Al exchange is 10,000 Al, and the minimum unit for applying for withdrawal is KRW 1,000.
* Cash withdrawal application is closed at 12:00 midnight every Sunday and remittance is processed by Thursday. (If Thursday is a public holiday, remittance will be processed the next day)
* The rules for Al exchange by level are shown in the table below.

Member revenue

These are how members get revenue.
1. Question rev.
Question revenue is the revenue generated to the questioner when the answer to the questioner's question is viewed. Per view 100 Al is given to the questioner. (As the number of answers increases, the number of views increases proportionally, so the questioner's revenue increases accordingly.)
Ex.) If an answer is posted and 500 people view the answer, 50,000 Al of revenue is generated to the questioner.
If there are 3 answers and 500 people view the answers 150,000 Al of revenue is generated.
If there are 5 answers and 500 people view the answers 250,000 Al is generated.
※ The number of question views does not necessarily mean the question revenue. In other words, if no answer is posted or if there are answers but no user views any of them then the questioner's revenue is not generated.
2. Answer rev.
Answer revenue is the revenue generated to the answerer when his or her answer is viewed. Per view 500 Al is given to the answerer.
Ex.) If 500 people view an answer 250,000 Al of revenue is generated to the answerer.
3. Gratitude Al revenue
Gratitude Al revenue is the revenue generated to the answerer when his or her answer is selected as the most satisfactory one by the questioner. Revenue is 100 Al minimum and 10,000 Al maximum, depending on how much Al the questioner offers as Gratitude Al.
4. Referral revenue
Referral revenue means the revenue generated to the referrer when a user(referee) who has become a new member through the referrer's recommendation generates revenue by question (No. 1 above) and answer (No. 2 above). 10%of the revenue will be paid to the referrer as referral revenue. In other words, if the referee earns the question revenue, the referrer is given 10 Al, and if the referee gets the answer revenue, the referrer is paid 50 Al. At this time, the referrer's revenue is paid by Altong Inc. and the referee does not have any disadvantages in revenue.
Ex.) If the referee earns 300,000 Al through No. 1 or 2 above, 30,000 Al is paid to the referrer.
5. Answer evaluation revenue
Answer evaluation revenue is the revenue given to the user who evaluates after viewing the answer, and 30 Al is paid to the evaluator.
6. Other revenues
Other revenues include Warming Al(Al given by other members as a token of gratitude) and prize Al paid when participating in events.

1. The best way to earn a lot of Al is to induce a large number of users to view your questions and answers by writing them with sincerity. Of course, the more questions and answers you post, the more your revenue will increase, won't it?
2. Questions that are of interest to many people can also induce a lot of views. For reference, there are questions that record millions of views as well as hundreds of thousands of views in a similar service. If the number of users increases a lot through active activities, the birth of high income earners will be realized sooner or later here in Altong :)

How to use

- Search
* Search for your questions. After entering keywords in the search box, press Move (Enter key in case of PC) or press the magnifying glass icon. If you have any related questions or answers click to browse.

- Viewing answers
* Posted answers will be shown partially on the screen first. You can view the entire answer after viewing the ad displayed by touching Open. For ads with links, a link button is displayed under the ad, so if you wish, you can touch the button to go to the advertiser's page. Ads disappear if you touch anywhere other than the link button.
* In the case of viewing an answer without an ad, 1,000 Al will be deducted, and an answer with an ad, you can view it for free  without deduction of Al.
※ There are questioner's choice answers and Angels' choice answers that have been highly evaluated by users who viewed the answers. When you view an answer, it is highly likely that you will get a relatively satisfactory answer by viewing those answers first.

- Answer evaluation
* After viewing an answer please select one of the five evaluation icons and rate the quality of the answer in consideration of other users. If you view a fun answer, you can select Fun additionally except for the evaluation among the five. The evaluator is given 30 Al.
* Points are set for each evaluation icon. 7 points for Altong, 3 points for Good, 1 point for So so, -1 point for Bad, -3 points for Upset. (Currently Fun is 0, but some points may be given later.)
* Member evaluation score can be reflected as one of the ascension requirements. The more sincerely you answer, the higher your score will be, so please answer sincerely.
* Please actively participate in evaluation. Participation in evaluation is reflected in Evaluation Participation Index. If your index is low you can be adversely affected by it when using various services in the future.
* Please evaluate as carefully and objectively as possible. Ratings far from those of many other users may affect your reliability, which may adversely affect the smooth use of various services in the future.

- Posting questions
* If the search results for the desired question or answer are not found or you are not satisfied, you can press 'Post a question' or the pen icon and post one.
* The questioner should select the most satisfactory answer from among answers and give the author of the answer some Al called Gratitude Al as a token of gratitude. For this, please select Gratitude Al to be paid. You can choose one of 100/300/500/1,000/5,000/10,000 Al for Gratitute Al to be paid. (The more Gratitude Al you offer, the more likely you are to get quick and satisfactory answers.)
* If you do not want to disclose your nickname, you can post as Hidden, but in this case only 10 Al, which is 10% of the question revenue, will be paid when revenue is generated.
※ Please note that your question cannot be modified or deleted after an answer is registered.

- Selecting answers
* Please choose the most satisfactory answer so that Gratitude Al will be given out. If no answer to the question is selected even after 10 days have elapsed since the question posting, the questioner will not be able to get question revenue(revenue from the answer to his or her question being viewed; revenue No. 1 above) from that point until an answer is selected. Only after an answer is adopted can you earn revenue again if any. (This system is intended to compensate for answerers' efforts and at the same time to prevent unsportsmanlike behavior by questioners who only get the answers they want and do not give out rewards.)

- Posting answers
* Since the placement order of posted answers is determined by summing the member evaluation points, the number of letters and received Warming Al, sincere answers are essential in order to put your answers to the top.
* If you do not want to disclose your nickname, you can post as Hidden, but in this case only 50 Al, which is 10% of the answer revenue, will be paid when revenue is generated.
* If posted answers get good evaluations from users you can expect more answer revenue, and if it is adopted by the questioner, you can enjoy the bonus of receiving Gratitude Al. Therefore, when you post an answer accuracy is basic and it is recommended to write it in detail with as much elaboration as possible.
※ Please note that posted answers cannot be modified or deleted after they have been selected.

Ascension system

Altong has a unique level system. Active members increase in their level and can enjoy various benefits that members with lower levels cannot enjoy. This level-up is expressed by the word Ascension in Altong. The level automatically given after signing up is “Al Angel”. In order to ascend you need to meet the requirements listed below.

When all the missions are completed, Please call customer service next week.
after receiving ascension you will be ascended sequentially through the manager screening process.

* For the first Al exchange request you need to be Butterfly Angel level or above and the balance of Al Bank should be 300,000 Al at least.
* Stamp is given to members who meet the requirements and can be viewed on Achievements page.
* For stamps there are 'Activity Mission Stamp', 'Company Training Stamp' and 'Referee Stamp'. Activity Mission Stamps are given to members who meet the activity requirements every week. Company Training Stamps are given to members who complete the online or offline training and Referee Stamps to members who meet the referee requirements.
* Activity values are reset every Monday at 0 o'clock and you can get a stamp by completing the given activity mission by this time.
※ ※ Among other requirements, 'assessment' refers to the review of posts, that is, questions, answers and comments. If a post is found that violates the policy of the service, the ascension may be withheld. In severe cases, there may be a disadvantage such as forced membership withdrawal, etc.


Copyright is an extremely sensitive part. If a user's questions or answers infringe others' copyright, Altong Inc. is not responsible for any disadvantages that may arise from it. In addition, sanctions can be taken for members who are found to have copyright infringement.

Membership withdrawal

* To apply for membership withdrawal click the menu bar and then Membership withdrawal next to Logout on the bottom.
* At the same time as membership withdrawal, the member's existing Al will be extinguished and revenue that may be generated in the future will be attributed to Altong Inc.
* There may be restrictions on re-sign up after membership withdrawal, so please judge carefully before withdrawal.

Forced membership withdrawal

Forced membership withdrawal is the sole right of the service operator. Members who commit acts harmful to other members and the service itself, including copyright infringement, or commit other acts that hinder the sound use, may be forced to withdraw for the comfortable use of other members. Please actively cooperate to prevent such an unpleasant occurrence and to ensure comfortable use of the service.

Member's obligations

Members must not perform any of the following acts, and if they do, Altong Inc. may impose sanctions, including restrictions on the member's service use and legal actions, and claim damages in case of tangible or intangible loss. At the same time Altong Inc. has the right to refuse payment to such members for Al obtained illegally and for Al that others have helped to acquire.
- The act of registering false information when applying for membership or changing member information
- The act of using another user's name, ID, password, social security number, email address, etc.
- The act of trading user ID with others
- The act of intentionally registering questions and answers between members or by using plural accounts, or registering posts using programs
- The act of registering the following posts
  * Posts with content that severely insults or defames other users or third parties
  * Posts that transmit, display or link text, photos, videos, audio files, etc. containing vulgar and obscene content that violate public order and morals
  * Posts with content that may be annoying or offensive to other users, such as mischievous, profane and non-informative posts, and posts with unclear meaning
  * Posts with intentional content aimed at specific answerers to obtain Gratitude Al
  * Posts that can be judged to be inconsistent with the nature of the service due to personal political judgment or religious opinion
  * Posts that promote piracy or hacking
  * Posts judged to be commercial use such as advertisements for commercial purposes
  * Posts objectively recognized as being associated with crimes
  * Posts with content that infringes other users' or third parties' copyrights or other rights
  * Posts that cause inconvenience to other users such as repeated posts of the same content
  * Posts that violate Altong Inc.'s rules of posting or do not conform to the nature of the service
  * Posts that criticize Altong Inc. or its services without objective grounds or logic
  * Posts judged to be in violation of other related laws
- The act of impersonating Altong Inc.'s management team, employees or officials
- The act of changing Altong Inc.'s client program, hacking its server or changing part or all of the web service or posted information without being granted special rights from Altong Inc.
- The act of harming or intentionally interfering with the service
- The act of reproducing information obtained through this service for purposes other than use of the service itself without prior consent of Altong Inc., and the act of using it for publication and broadcasting, and providing it to a third party
- The act of distributing information, sentences, figures, sounds and videos of vulgar or obscene content to others by posting or other methods that violate public order and morals
- The act of distributing content that is offensive or that may infringe on the honor or privacy of others by posting or other methods.
- The act of harassing and threatening other users, and continuously causing pain or inconvenience to specific users
- The act of collecting or storing personal information of other users without Altong Inc.'s approval
- The act that is objectively judged to be associated with crime
- The act of violating all other regulations or conditions of use set by Altong Inc.
- The act of violating other related laws

Useful functions

You can use the functions below by pressing the three dots at the top right of the post.
* Share: This is a function to share a desired question or answer with acquaintances. You can share it with Kakao Talk, Kakao Story, Naver, Facebook, and Twitter, or copy the address and send it as a text message. When an acquaintance signs up for membership through the shared link, the member automatically becomes the acquaintance's referrer, so it can be useful as a means to increase referees.
* To top: This is a function that moves a question to the top of the list and can be used by other users as well as the person that posted it. 10,000 Al will be deducted for use. (The question will be returned to its original location after 24 hours.)
* Warming Al: This is a function that allows you to express your gratitude by giving Al to those whose questions or answers you appreciate. From 300 to 10,000 Al you can give out in increments of 100 Al.


* Alpay is a simple payment service that uses Al accumulated in Altong as cash at Almaengis (the nickname of Altong's affiliated stores).

* For Al exchange the fee is paid after deducting 2.5%. (Cash withdrawal is available after exchange to Alpay. When applying for withdrawal, the amount obtained after deducting 3.3% of the income tax and residence tax, and withdrawal fee 0.2%, a total of 3.5% will be the amount received.)

* When paying with Alpay, the merchant's payment fee does not occur.


Do you want to change the ad exposure prevention settings?

If you turn on the advertisement exposure blocking function, your al will be deducted when you read the article.